Enchilado of Shrimp

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Enchilado of Shrimp. Enchiladas with shrimp marinated in garlic, olive oil, ginger, blended cheeses and hot sauce, covered with salsa. Serve with sour cream and salsa on the side. Spoon about ⅓ cup shrimp mixture into the middle of a tortilla then sprinkle with cheese.

Camaron Enchilado recipe is a Cuban favorite similar to shrimp creole in Louisiana. It is a delicious easy recipe and done in minutes. But until I make these, I have this wonderful verde shrimp enchiladas for you today. You can cook Enchilado of Shrimp using 11 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Enchilado of Shrimp

  1. Prepare 1 of – lbs Raw & and deveined shrimp.
  2. It’s 1 of – cup white cooking wine.
  3. It’s 1/4 of onion diced.
  4. You need of 1/4 red bell pepper diced.
  5. Prepare of 2 – garlic cloves minced.
  6. You need of Pinch cumin.
  7. It’s of 1 tsp olive oil.
  8. Prepare of 1 – small can tomato sauce.
  9. It’s of Splash soy sauce.
  10. You need of to taste Salt and pepper.
  11. It’s of Small splash hot sauce.

These babies are packed with the huge prawns from Costco along with your fun veggies like. These Shrimp Enchiladas are spicy, cheesy, and delicious. If I lived near the coast I A hefty amount of cheese and some sour cream give these Shrimp Enchiladas a rich. Shrimp enchiladas are not in my culinary repertoire, although I frequently order them at I usually make two batches of enchiladas at a time and freeze one (before topping with.

Enchilado of Shrimp instructions

  1. Rinse shrimp thoroughly after cleaning. Dice vegetables and sauté with olive oil until shiny. Add wine, shrimp, tomato sauce and rest of ingredients. Cook med heat for 15 to 20 min uncovered then simmer for 5 min for sauce to thicken..
  2. Taste sauce and adjust seasonings and serve over rice, pasta or veggies..

Shrimp and veggie loaded enchiladas topped with a simple homemade creamy These shrimp enchiladas are hearty and filling and easy enough to pull together on a weeknight! This is one of the few Cuban dishes that is a little spicy, rather, it is redolent with garlic and tomatoes and the succulent flavor of fresh-caught shrimp. As all Cuban favorites, it is served with white rice. These useful spices can be used to cook so many different meals! Learn how to make Shrimp Enchiladas with this simple and tasty recipe!

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